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Gil E

I’ve been using mSpy for about a month now and it has been my great! I am a protective but busy father to a 12 year old daughter. I feel guilty for not being around most of the time but mSpy has allowed me to bridge that gap. I now feel like I’m with her most of the time and it’s great! I want to make sure my daughter is growing up to be a proper lady and avoiding trouble and mSpy is my hired bodyguard for her.

Joven B.

Such an amazing app! My son started having tattoos on his body then I started worrying. After mspy I realized he's still my young boy still honest and trustworthy.


must use app! I have to start off by saying that this app is awesome. I didn’t know products like this existed until a friend told me about it and I am very thankful they did. It allows me to track my employee’s phones to make sure they are using our company phones for business purposes only. It grants me access to emails, text messages and calls, among many other things. This product is definitely a life and money saver!

Juan S.

Being a single father of 2 teenagers, I am able to monitor my children’s location and their texting activity with ease. I don’t have to stay up all night worrying if they are out at a friends house or at the movies. I always know their location. I am also able to restrict mobile apps which makes discipline much easier. Thank you mSpy!

Naomi Marquez

Awesome program! I've already taken the advantage of its GPS tracking feature. Two weeks ago i accidentally left my iPhone at the coffee shop near my work. When i came home i found out my phone was lost. It took me 5 minutes to get the exact location of my iPhone from my home PC and 30 min more to drive there and get my phone back. Thank you mSpy!

Gordon L.

It`s hard work to be a CEO of a big and dynamic company. You should always remember about all the activities you are to perform. Earlier i was afraid to store important information on my mobile device, but now when i got this app i can be sure all my personal data is safe and i can easily delete it, even remotely, whenever i want thanks to its feature Remote Control. Good job mSpy!


I never thought the installation could be that easy! It took me just a few minutes! Thanks to mSpy I don't have to call my son 10 times a day now to make sure he's ok. He can be protected from bullying at school or on social media. I recommend it to all the parents who'd like to avoid unnecessary stress.

Kate L.

I used to worry about my kids a lot but everything seems much more positive in my life with mSpy now that I know where they are and that they are safe. This app changed my attitude forever. It feels so good to finally know what troubles them and be much more supportive.

Tom Fisher

Thank you mSpy Team for such a nice application. I am really satisfied with the service provided. With mSpy I can easily use the most expensive and powerful smart phone and not be afraid that it can be stolen!

Claudia M.

I use mSpy for almost 2 years to track my two beloved daughters. Some parents think that such apps are only the matter of untrust, but I can say that with this tracking software I can be 100% sure that everything is okay with my teenagers. Such apps make our life easier.. You should not call every 5 minutes to check how things are going on. Mspy is my personal guaranty in everyday life!

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